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From our popular Music Pups® program, where families can enroll for almost 3 years with all new music each session, to our MusiCanopy preschool program that bridges the gap from school to home with parent CDs and support; our programs will guide your children through their formative music development years – and because we believe strongly that young children learn best through play, all of our programs are not only music time, but also fun time!

Lasting Benefit

The Music Class programs are based on research of how young children learn music. The result is that taking class is much more than a fun activity for the moment, but in fact has a long lasting effect.  In a survey we did of families 10 years after they were enrolled at The Music Class in Atlanta, 98% of our graduates reported that their experience in class provided a long term benefit - helping their child to more fully appreciate and enjoy music even ten years later!



Our Programs

Not all programs are available at all locations.
Music Pups®   Parent/child classes for infants up through 4-year olds.
Music Cats®   Parent/child classes for children ages 4 - 5
Sound Habits Keyboard   Parent/child classes for children ages 5 – 7
MusiCanopy   For childcare and preschool settings.
Daily Play-Along Brass Builder   For the beginning trumpet player.

Please see your local teaching center to learn about the programs available near you.

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"My two-year old just LOVES to dance to the Music Class songs. Every time we pass the Music Class studio he yells "Music class! I want to go to music class!"
CJ Atlanta, GA

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