Sound Habits

Sound Habits Keyboard Program is for 5 through 7 year-olds, with parent participation.

If your child can sing in tune and keep a steady beat, he or she is ready for instrumental instruction. In our Sound Habits keyboard program, aural skills are taught along with technical skills and students learn to play by ear before music notation is introduced. Children and their parents learn together in a group of up to eight families. Sound Habits is a one-year curriculum designed to establish a sound musical foundation and successful learning habits that students will build upon when they graduate and move on to private lesson or any future instrumental studies.

Highlights include:

  • Weekly group lessons that are taught in a fun and playful manner.
  • Learn to play many familiar songs on the keyboard.
  • Recitals featuring student solos, parent-child duets, and child-child duets and ensembles.
  • Beginning harmony, transposition and improvisation.
  • CD that guides students through their home practice sessions. Students are expected to practice at home at least three times per week.
  • Develop many musical skills that are easily transferred to other instruments.
  • Promote self-esteem and self-discipline.

To help determine if your child is musically ready for keyboard class, please take our keyboard assessment test.

Download the instructions.

Listen to the audio file.

If your child does not do well on the assessment test, please consider registering for Music Cats®. Our Music Cats class focuses on developing listening and pitch skills, and we have found that students who have taken Cats are well prepared to succeed in Keyboard.

If you have any difficulty with the test, or have any questions, contact your local teacher or Rob Sayer

Our daughter loves it. She is six now and we started in the class at lekotek when she was less than a year old. We truly believe that Rob and music played a big part in her verbal skills being so good and her love for people and rhythm. Our daughter has Down's Syndrome. We highly recommend starting all children in the class early.
P.T. Atlanta, GA

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