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These policies exist and are enforced to ensure that all of our students and teachers enjoy the best possible classroom experience.

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact our us at info


SOCKS: Don't forget to bring socks for yourself and your little one!  We are a SOCK MANDATORY facility!  If you forget socks, we have socks available for purchase for $2/pair.  Those without socks will not be permitted into the carpeted area.  This is in accordance with Illinois State Health Codes.

To receive the maximum benefit of our classes, please enjoy the music and activities AT HOME.  Children learn through repetition and will be much more likely to participate in class if the music and activities are familiar.  Practicing at home is also a great way to include the entire family!

Allow your child to explore the classroom.  Children learn in many different ways and not all children are comfortable staying in their parent's lap or by their side during the entire class.  Remember that even if you child is on the side of the room, he or she is still absorbing what's going on in class.  Children may wander, as long as they are SAFE.  See "Classroom Safety" below.

Sing, dance and have a great time in class!  This is ESSENTIAL to your child's musical development.  You may not love your voice, but your child does.  Enthusiasm is infectious and your child's learning will be enhanced by YOUR participation.

Please help us maintain a SAFE learning environment by intervening if your child is doing something that could endanger them or another child in the class (i.e. running, pushing, poking, etc.).  Also, please avoid bringing drinks or snacks (other than water in a spill-proof container) to class.  This will prevent slippery spills or choking incidents.

There may be other times that your child will need you to intervene.  If your child is disrupting another child or if your child's actions are disruptive to the class overall, please redirect them.  If necessary, please leave the classroom until your child is ready to rejoin the classroom activities.  Our classes can be very stimulating and sometimes leaving the stimulating environment is necessary to calm an overstimulated child.  This too is part of their early development, so please don't feel awkward if you need to step out for a moment or two.

To minimize classroom distractions, we ask that you please silence your cell phones during class.  We also ask that you remember to WEAR SOCKS in the classroom (especially through the warmer months ahead). This is in accordance with Illinois State Health Codes.  It has also been our experience that lots of bare feet create carpet odor.   Carpet odor can be very distracting (among other things!), so we thank you for helping us keep our carpets smelling fresh and clean.


Because children often explore the world with their mouths, we make a special effort to keep our instruments as germ-free as possible.  We ask that parents be especially conscientious about helping us keep our classroom and props clean.  Hand sanitizer is provided in each of our classrooms.  Please take a moment to sanitze your and your child's hands (using hand sanitizer or by washing with warm, soapy water) before and after class to minimize the spread of germs.  Also, please place any tasted, sneezed on, coughed on or otherwise germ-exposed instruments into our "tasted instrument bin".  Instruments in this bin will be more carefully sanitized with alcohol after each class.  Scarves and other cloth materials are also sanitized with alcohol when it is not possible for them to be laundered. 


Please DO NOT bring yourself or your child to class until they are fever or symptom free (without the use of fever-reducing medications) for over 24 hours.  Please utilize our make-up policy after sickness has passed.  This course of action is recommended by the Centers of Disease Control for appropriate prevention of illnesses.  For more information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control Website.


If at any time you are concerned about the quality of our classes, feel free to speak directly to your teacher or contact us at  We strive to provide the very best in early childhood music education.  Your feedback is vital to our success.

As a courtesy, we allow families to schedule up to three make-up classes per session.  Missed classes must be made-up during the current session.  All make-ups and absences should be scheduled through our website to prevent classroom overcrowding.  If a class is at capacity, the website will not allow that class date as a make-up option.  We cannot guarantee make-ups.  We encourage families to schedule make-ups as early in the session as possible, as make-up spots tend to fill up toward the end of the session.  If you need further assistance, you can call your local office to speak with a customer service representative.  If you know you are going to miss a class, please schedule your absence so someone else may use your spot for a make-up class.  Please note: absences of a registered child CANNOT be transferred to unregistered siblings or visitors. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

In inclement weather, we will cancel our classes IF the class location's school district cancels school or issues MORE than a 2-hour delay.  If the schools issue at 2-hour delay or LESS, we WILL have classes.  If under extenuating circumstances (i.e. teacher is ill and no subs are available or our classroom is flooded), we must cancel a class, you will be notified via telephone.  if we do not have your cell number listed, please update your profile online or call the office.

Families unable to attend a session for which they have registered may receive a refund PRIOR to the refund deadline for that session.
Refunds are available up to two weeks before the session start date. All refunds are subject to a $10 processing fee PER REGISTERED STUDENT.  No session refunds will be issued past our session refund deadline (two weeks before the sessions start date). Individual missed classes may not be exchanged for class credit or refund.

The Music Playhouse respects and is committed to protecting your privacy.  We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site.  We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited.  We will not sell or share your personally identifiable information to ANYONE.

Your payment and personal information is always safe.  Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions.  It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet.