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Welcome to THRIVE Music Studio

THRIVE Music Studio, LLC, offers weekly music classes for children ages 0-4 years old to enjoy with their parents/caregivers. These action-packed, fun-filled classes feature an award-winning curriculum by The Music Class, Inc., high quality instruments and props, and lessons taught by music educator and music therapist, Tamara Rowland, a fun-loving, highly trained, compassionate instructor with 20+ years of teaching experience. You are most welcome to read more about Tamara's professional experience, why she loves teaching and services offered at THRIVE, and to reach out any time via email/text/phone with questions.



This fall we will be featuring music from 


SESSION DATES: September 7 - November 9, 2018

MAKE-UP DAY: Friday, November 16

Make-up days are free if you missed a class during the current session, but registered students are welcome to come for an additional day to make music together for $10


You probably already know that THRIVE’s program has been designed to boost your child's musical development. Everything done in class is based on research that demonstrates how children learn music. One of the most important ways for your child to gain a strong foundation is to give them a large musical vocabulary and, like spoken language, if you use a large vocabulary around your child, they will develop and use a large vocabulary.


In keeping with all of The Music Class'® collections,The Dinosaur Collection features 30 original and traditional songs that incorporate music from many genres and places around the world.You'll hear folk melodies, polka jigs, swing songs, classical music, an English Carol (from the year 1609!), traditional music from Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, and other fun styles. Other melodies include songs in major and minor keys, original chants, traditional playground/folk melodies,and use of the Lydian and blues scales. Budding percussionists will love the variety of meters in songs with duple, triple, and mixed meters. Song lyrics cover falling leaves, modes of transportation, kinds of dinosaurs, grandparent names, foods, playing outside, colors, stopping and going, instrument names, ways to move our bodies, animals (and their sounds), kitchen bands, places we visit, and bedtime. You'll have all you need to keep your family soundtrack playing in the car, at the park, at the grocery store, and even in the bathtub!

I am  excited about your decision to join THRIVE’s early childhood music classes and the strong musical foundation you are providing for your children. I absolutely LOVE seeing each of you have so much fun singing and dancing with your children every week. You are giving them an opportunity to explore challenging musical concepts while they form neural pathways and because of this, many of these concepts will not be as challenging when they encounter them later in life!


As soon as your registration is processed, you will be able to access the music on the website and on The Music Class App. You'll also receive the songbook and CD in your first class. Sessions usually fill quickly, so if you haven't joined yet, be sure tosign up soon!


I look forward to making music with you!


Tamara Rowland, MA, MT-BC
THRIVE Music Studio, LLC