Sound Habits®

Classes for 5 through 7 year-olds, each with parent.
If your child can sing in tune and keep a steady beat, he or she is ready for instrumental instruction. In our Sound Habits keyboard program, aural skills are taught along with technical skills and students learn to play by ear before music notation is introduced. Children and their parents* learn together in a group of up to eight families.  Sound Habits is a one-year curriculum designed to establish a sound musical foundation and successful learning habits that students will build upon when they graduate and move on to private lessons or any future instrumental studies.
*You read that right, parents are required to attend class!  We know that by the time your child is 5 you usually drop them off for classes and school.  We also know that working together with your child in our Sound Habits program provides the best opportunity for fast and meaningful learning for your child.  You’ll have a great time in class! Perhaps more special is the opportunity to learn together with your big kid - an experience that will become increasingly rare now that your child is school age.
Why should I take Sound Habits?


Imagining music in our mind ( called “audiation”) and then doing our best to create that music on an instrument is the foundation for being a creative musician.  Musicians who think this way are the ones who connect with us on an emotional level.   Our Sound Habits program teaches children as young as 5 to think like creative professional musicians.  We establish that critical habit with lots of singing and learning to play by ear in a progressive manner before learning how to read music.   
Many children are taught to read music from the very beginning.  Learning to read music first can lead to quick success in performing songs, but it tends to create the habit of analyzing music notation before thinking of the sound.  Too often the results are students who can play notes but have a hard time expressing musical elements.  
Students in our Sound Habits program don’t get caught in the “note trap”.  They learn to name notes using solfegi (Do, Re, Mi)  which opens to door to understanding the musical relationships among notes.  Only later in the program, after success playing many songs do they transition to learning letter names and reading music.  This sequence sets them up for success not only for future piano lessons, but any instrument they might want to play later.   Many private teachers and school band directors have shared that our graduates are their best students. Interestingly, a significant number of graduates have terrific success in other creative arts, like acting dancing, and writing.  
On the other hand, musicians who think first about “playing the right notes” by identifying the notes, beats, and technical skills needed to play those notes before focusing on the musical elements typically don’t move us in the same way.


- Recordings guide students through their home practice sessions. Students are expected to practice at home at least three times per week and are recognized for the efforts.  
- Performing songs in class for the teacher, practicing duets and trios with their peers, and supportive recitals at the end of each 10 week session all teach the value of working to achieve a goal.  


We believe strongly that learning music should be a joyful experience.    Classes are taught in a fun and playful manner and learning with friends in a group setting is always a treat!   
Is your child ready for Sound Habits?
We want every student to have success in class.  To achieve success, students must be able to sing in tune before starting the program.  Keep in mind that often 5 year olds who are not yet singing in tune will achieve that mastery by age 6.  Waiting until age 6 is often a great choice!
To help determine if your child is musically ready for keyboard class, either discuss with your current Music Class teacher if he or she feels your child is ready,  or take our keyboard assessment test before registering for class.

Download the instructions.

Listen to the audio file.

If your child does not do well on the assessment test, please consider registering for Music Cats®. Our Music Cats class focuses on developing listening and pitch skills, and we have found that students who have taken Cats are well prepared to succeed in Keyboard.

If you have any difficulty with the test, or have any questions, contact your local teacher or Rob Sayer




We have been attending The Music Class for a year now and it is by far the best program we have attended. My 2 year old sits at the piano with her song book and "plays" and sings along, word for word with every song! She has learned so much about different styles of music and instruments. My 6 year old loves when she is out of school and gets to come along! We adore "The Music Class!
K.A. Roswell, GA

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