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"My daughter and niece have a lot of fun in class. Miss Jenny is sweet and friendly and so much fun. I keep singing "I am happy to see....." I had fun too. " L

"My children and I absolutely LOVED your trial music class a few weeks ago." C

"We love The Music Class. Our teacher does a wonderful job with all the children; making each one feel special. Even though my child is less than a year, she stills wiggles, laughs, and stomps to the music. It's in the house and car. I am so glad a friend told me. I have told so many others to tell. I can't wait until the next class and more new songs. I honestly don't know who has the most fun, my daughter or me. " I

"I have been a Mom for almost 7 years now, enrolling in art classes, tumbling, gymnastics, swimming, ballet, science and all sorts of fun things to explore with my children. We have been attending The Music Class for a year now and it is by far the best program we have attended. My 2 year old sits at the piano with her song book and "plays" and sings along, word for word with every song! She has learned so much about different styles of music and instruments. My 6 year old loves when she is out of school and gets to come along! We adore "The Music Class"!" K

"My daughter is very outgoing and music class has been a wonderful outlet for her creativity to flow. She is definitely singing and dancing more and can't wait to go to class each week!" Tara

We keep your tapes in each car and CD's upstairs and down. Our 20 month old loves the class; both the music itself and the interesting props and pretend play the teachers use to present each song. Rob always finds a way to interact with each child individually as well. It's been so enjoyable to share in this activity as a family.
D.H. Roswell, GA

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