How do young children learn music?

Children learn by LISTENING - Music should be a frequent and consistent part of each child's daily environment.

Children learn by experimenting on their own through PLAY -Song activities that model both active participation and the concept that there is no wrong answer turn music time into play time and promote individual play and experimentation with the music.

Children learn through REPETITION -Repetition is a key part of learning. The more times we repeat a thought or experience, the easier it is to remember. Young children thrive on repetition.

Children learn with the support of adult guided EXPERIMENTATION -By including the meaningful adults in the child's life (parents, teacher) as part of our song activities, we set up the framework for ongoing adult guided musical interaction, experimentation and support.

Children learn when music is presented in a MEANINGFUL CONTEXT -At The Music Class we allow children, teachers and parents to adapt songs in whatever ways they please, allowing music to interweave with the meaningful events in children's lives.